Welcome to the site!

Welcome to patrickrogers.me, the personal site of Patrick Rogers. I plan on making a new website soon, that may perhaps be revolutionary. Not exactly innovative or new, but it will be cool. This site will just show the various ways that you can contact me, and updates on how the revolutionary site works, and whatever else I have to say. It’s a nice site, I might make the interface nicer soon.

How did you make this site?

Basically, if you’re a student, you can create an account on namecheap.com and use your school email and get a .me domain free for one year. So I took it. After that it’s only $20 a year, which is not bad. Then I used GitHub Pages which lets you host static webpages for free. And you can use Jekyll with it so you don’t have to copy and paste the nav bar 20000 times in your HTML files! It’s truely incredible.

What else?