Who is Patrick?

He is this guy!

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He lives in Canada, and yearns for finding out how to make this website look less abandoned than it already looks like.

Send him a message saying hello, right here If you want to talk to me using the magic of encrypted email, you can get my public PGP key here

What’s a Public PGP Key?

Well, you see, in the age of all things, we ask for a bit of security in our lives. And the big problem of it all is that somehow email remains the best thing we got in talking to people. There’s a paper trail of what parties have said something, it’s decentralized so you can’t get ZUCCED by anyone, and now with the magic of PGP you can send encrypted emails to your m8s. So use it if you can. You gotta use Thunderbird or some other old school email client to use that though.

Don’t worry I’m not some hardcore privacy knob, but I’m just sayin’.

Any normal way to talk to you?

Yeah sure.