How to Extract Subtitles to a .srt from a .mkv file

Sometimes, certain media devices can’t read the subtitles that is built into an .mkv file. Using this simple terminal command, this will extract the subtitles from an .mkv into a seperate .srt file that can be easily read. Be sure that the subtitle file and the video file share the same name to ensure that the subtitles will be used.

The first thing you have to do is to check which track the subtitles are on, this would usually be track 2, but might be different depending on other audio/subtitle tracks. In VLC go to Tools > Codec Information and check for the subtitle you want to extract. In this case, we are going to extract “track 2”. Install mkvtoolnix (which is the package name on Ubuntu) and from the terminal use this command:

mkvextract video.mkv tracks

That’s it. Hopefully this short guide will save you lots of time.