Software I use

Some people might want to know what software, services and hardware that I use, so I am going to tell you them here.


I also occasionally use a Raspberry Pi 3 from time to time. Last year I’ve actually used this thing as a desktop computer for around 8 months.

Operating system

I use the Kubuntu Linux distro, which is a free and open source operating system that offers stability, reliability, and consistency. Kubuntu is literally just Ubuntu with the KDE desktop environment and different preinstalled applications.

The Pi runs Raspbian.

Email domain

I use Yandex for my email domain, and it’s completely free with no strings attached. They are basically the Google of Russia, so maybe there might be some strings for some people. I don’t really care that much since anything really important would be encrypted with PGP anyway.

Email client

I just use Thunderbird like everyone else too cool for the online clients.

How is this website run?

This is a static website, so it doesn’t offer dynamic stuff like comments, or accounts, but that obviously isn’t necessary. This static site is run using GitHub Pages, which lets you host static websites for free. There are other places that do this, like neocities. GitHub also lets you use Jekyll with it, which helps in having to type less information.

Domain name registrar

I use Namecheap, because they seem good. Also, if you have a student email, they will give you a .me domain free for one year. A domain name is not that expensive, usually $20 a year if the demand isn’t high or it isn’t a domain that has prices jacked up like .io.

Web browser

Just use Firefox.

Video player

VLC is the only one worth using.


I use the old Apple Aluminum wired keyboard with the numberpad. I don’t hate Apple because I got better things to do, like typing. One time I asked a fellow classmate for help in fixing my WiFi router, to which he got quite annoyed once he found out I was using an Airport Extreme. Imagine that, a Windows user making fun of people using Apple products because they’re proprietary when they literally use proven spyware as their operating system. Windows users have zero grounds to make fun of Apple users, or “console peasants”.

If you’re going to criticize someone for using Apple or a game console because of their lack of “choices” or “freedom” and you use Windows. I want y’all to remember something.

You use Windows.


The LG V20 is pretty good, it has a second screen so you can see notifications when the device is turned off. My other phone was the 1st Gen Moto E, which otherwise sucks, so I had to use LineageOS just so I can use the SD card and get more than 4GB of storage. The battery life is better and it is smaller, so it is good enough for watching videos on it.