Words nobody should use

There are some words that should never be used because they’re bad. Let’s talk about bad words, and why they are bad, in no particular order.


A word that means relating to, or existing in name only, like the phrase de joure. Literally nobody on the planet has ever spoken this word.


An absolute snobby way to say “human-like”. Completely different from personification though.


This is literally the bourgeois term for everyday language. Nobody uses this in normal speech, is it supposed to be ironic? Why not just say informal speech?


There is no reason to ever use this term unless the person in question does not see them-self as either male or female. But wait, Latino is also used when referring to a group of men or people. Why not just use that since it is often used as a gender-neutral pronoun? One time I read an article that said this woman was the first latinx female congresswoman or something. If I can recall, I think it literally said she is a woman even before saying Latinx. Could’ve saved all that writing by just saying FIRST LATINA.

SIN number

Social Insurance Number Number


I am unable to spell this right. Now that I’ve actually bothered reading the word for the first time ever, I can say I am a bit embarrassed.

I’ve had this article as a draft for three months and I can’t think of anything else so if you know just message me or something lol.